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No Participating Theaters Near Me

The app has an attractive user interface but until more theaters are participating, Atom is virtually useless to me. I’ll stick to Fandango until something changes.


This app is easy to work and is very convenient.

Only has big chain theaters

In other words, they only show you the theaters for which they get a cut. It only lists less than half of the movies playing in New York City, and far less than half of the theaters. Useless.

Easy to get tickets

Great app easy to buy tickets and concessions.

The Bomb for Movies

So quick, easy, convenient and enjoyable to use and profitable! What are you hesitating for do Atom!

Atom Me

I love this app ..... fast and easy like popping popcorn

Great app!

Getting the ease of use and ability to use partner programs is awesome

Great app

Easy to use. Some fees are more then movies. But others then that the app it self is awesome

Great easy app to book movies

Easy great app

Love this app

Love it

Not better than AMC APP

It won’t let you cancel. And there are no refunds after purchasing a movie.


Thank you so much for helping me to successfully obtain my tickets with your app having you walk me threw it. I had mess up by myself and I’m so grateful for your patience and kindness.


Love it 👍🏽Easy & fast !!!!


...are the price of another matinee ticket.... but I guess they have to make their money somehow right. Other than that love the app.

Fast & Easy!

We are frequent to AMC and Marcus. I can’t believe there is such an app like Atom that can work as a 3rd party but still able to retrieve all the offers, even including giving back my reward points to AMC! Since AMC started their $5 Tuesday offers I have been using Atom app more often. The ease of cancellation on the app is god sent and giving me the peace of mind when buying tickets ahead. Love it!


User friendly, covers everything-just need to scAn and enjoy the movie

This is a good App

Makes life simple.. I like simple! Yeah there are other apps out there that offer the same services but this one navigates better than the others!

Love it

Much easier to get tickets!! And love the discounts

Easy and convenient

The app is fast I just wish it had more promotions or something. And the theater has to have a separate line besides 1 line like the commercial


Super easy to use and convenient! Love!

Atom I love you!

Helps a lot with no having to wait in line, meeting up with my friends, choosing my seats and drinks. If you could add more theaters it be great though!


Doesn’t always have the movies that are playing

Love it

Easy Pleasy

5 stars hands down

Great app makes everything way 2 easy as long as u know where u trying 2 go

The one star goes to customer service

I do hope atom improves on customer service and fixes the bugs on their app. I hate writing reviews but I just had to write this one after being on the phone for over an hr. I spoke to Ryan or Ron. The reason why I’m unsure is because after I asked for his name he sounded skeptical. This app generates when it feels like it. I was charged for a ticket and 30 mins later my mom purchased a movie the same movie. Her referral was suppose to kick in 7 days later according to customer service lady. After watching 30 mins of the movie , I got a notification saying I have a free movie since I referred three friends. I was excited and a week later , I decided to use my free ticket. I Went and saw that I haven’t used my free ticket. I still have 1 free unused ticket according to my app. So I purchased a ticket knowingly because I thought the free ticket will kick in after I purchase like a refund. I called customer service because I was suppose to have 2 but found out one of them had a promotion which didn’t count. The other free movie ticket was already applied to the movie I paid for and was refunded back. Ok so why tell me I have a free ticket right when I was 30 mins of the movie and was charged for it and the same day my free ticket was already applied to this movie ? That’s some b.s because I already used my T-Mobile Tuesday discount on it and rather use my free ticket towards a regular priced ticket on a less cheaper day. It not fair how the atom system doesn’t inform you that you used up your ticket via email or text. As of now , the app still claims I have one free ticket and they won’t deduct money from my recent purchase or give me a full refund. They try to give me a cheap way out by giving me 5$ off on my next movie when I already have that option ....... they can be late on giving your refund back , they can charge a dollar fee on every movie ticket you purchase , but yet be quick to take your free ticket ? You guys should update the system. You guys should use email and texting to inform your buyers. You guys didn’t even give instructions on how to redeem a free ticket. Customer service is very bad. I would rate it 0 or 0 starts if they have that option. This app DECIDES on what movie is free..

Connection Issue and AMC Gift Card

Having connection issue with theaters quite often. Also please add AMC gift card support.


You need to put in distinctive color formats between your ads,,future shows,,etc ., as they all currently blend in to current show times as such your current display supports confusion as to just wanting current shows and current times,, use your brains , not your marketing skills,,why ???,,, do you put in advertising of shows that not currently showing into times of shows that are currently showing that has nothing to do with current show times,,,why,,tell me,,I need more ads, give me more ads and make them colorful and big,,will never go for atom rewards so make the ads bigger so I can see them too

Great App

ATOM Tickets are a great way to make going to the movies simple and easy. A few easy steps, user friendly interface and fast too. I use this app every time I want tickets to the movies in any state I’m in. They constantly have good deals and when I get to the theater. It’s a quick scan of my smart phone and I can get to the movie on time even if I’m running a bit late. But don’t just take my word for it I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way ! Do your research and enjoy.. don’t forget to silence your cell phones 😁

So easy to use and reserve seats..



My friends and I love going the movies and we usually don’t carry cash! So we just use atom to have everyone pay online. It’s not to just come in and get our tickets scanned on the door 💕☺️👍


I love how you can use your gift cards and other amc rewards here!! I love this app


Easy to use and so convenient!

Atom is the best

It’s easier and it’s quicker trust me

Love the app

Atom is super easy, super convenient and i can’t imagine buying tickets any other way now!

Horrible app

They don't want to accept my phone number and it's required to sign up everything is more over priced than actual Theater. And I really wanted to sign up to buy in advance and invite friends sit next to me but my number is through google voice and I paid $20 to port my number to google and have google phone service


It’s easier and faster 👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯✅✅✅✅✅I would recommend it


I’ve used this app many times before and now that I’m in the military it’s very convenient.. the only thing I wished was that you could get a military discount while using the app but nonetheless it’s still a perfect app for me!

Easy to us. Great customer service

App works well. Never a problem for me. Customer service are always nice and helpful.

Really great! But

It’s a really great app and I use it all the time it’s really convenient but they keep faking me out with my “free” movie if I buy another one and I’ve bought 8 tickets and still never got a free ticket out of it. It would also be cool for the app to have its own rewards card.


I can’t believe more people don’t use this app! We literally passed the huge line for tickets ! We walked right to the front and it was beyond easy! You must download this before you go to the movies!

Atom app

Love love this up. Fast and convenient and avoids the long line and waiting around.

Great app

I like how to get movie tickets easily I love it

Easy peasy

I was able to walk into the theater, grab my already made concessions after a quick phone scan, then walk over to the ticket collector, scan my phone again, and go on into my movie. No waiting in line. I had someone stop me on my way to the ticket collector to find out how I was able to just grab my stuff without a long wait. I do believe that this app is AMAZING!


I enjoy Studio Movies because it literally has something for everyone. Good movies, good prices, comfortable seating, good food , good service and, it’s outside the ordinary. Alcohol prices seem a little high for me, but I don’t drink that much anyway. It’s fairly organized and has a good flow. Overall, a good experience.

Best Movie App ever

I’ve been a bad g fan of Atom from day one! Hands down the best way to purchase movie tickets and concessions. I love that they have their own lines for quick entry. And you can even have you food ready for pick up at selected theaters. Atom is the its here now!


I did not want this. Didn’t know I was paying for this!! I NEVER HAVE a need for this. I’m 72 & this took advantage of me. I do not want this & certainly didn’t know there was any charge!!! Please let me know what I am to do. Please!

Happy customer

I really enjoy the Atom app. It’s quick, easy navigation and I also enjoy that promos with the T-Mobile Tuesday.

Great App - easy to Use

This is the 2nd time I’ve purchased tickets thru this app — easy to use — will be using more especially as they add more theaters.

Great customer service

When i had a problem with my tickets the customer service was super helpful and sincere about the mistake and every other time i used the app everything always goes well and i blame mostly the theater for what happened with my tickets. Most definitely recommend and will always use!!

#1 app for movies..

Easy to use purchase a movie ticket and a lot of discounted ticket.

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