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This app is great love the rewards it has just paid $0 to go see a movie with my daughter. I used my AMC AList with the app for double the savings

Love It

This is fantastic! Always easy, and can use the app without difficulty! I also get free movies from T mobile. I highly recommend this app!

Totally the way 2 go

Rollin in like a movie theater ROCK STAR! No lines... no waiting! VIP all the way!

Very convenient

Very convenient, especially on the busy nights when everyone is getting popcorn at the same time.


Yes the advertising ads are bigger then the regular show times ads I can see that now it is a little more distinct and user friendly and with repetition I will clearly see your method of presentation even more even though I do not approve of your presentation of designs

Best reward system

Best app honestly!

Atom is awesome

Easy to use and fast!

Cool App

What I love about it is its fast, easy navigation. Love browsing movies in it and it has the upcoming menu that can be easily accessed and it groups the movies per release date. no lag like Fandango. Love the rewards program too.

Like the changes for AMC AList

Loved using Atom when buying tickets out of pocket. Love it even more now that they have teamed up with AMC to allow me to purchase tickets using my AMC AList rewards. Now if only it would let me us my AList rewards for the Premiere seats, we would be golden. Other than that, love the changes.

Ticket purchase

Best way to buy tickets in advance love it!

App keeps logging me out

I have signed up through email. However the app keeps signing me out every time I close the app. Why can’t you make the login sticky?

Best movie app experience

I’ve been using Atom for a couple years now, it’s my preferred movie ticket platform. Great deals.

So convenient

Never thought I would like this app. Thanks to T-Mobile for discounts and because of the deal, I tried Atom and really enjoyed using the app. Surprisingly, It is so easy, everyone should try it!


Great app. Wish they had more deals. But still works great!


Love the movie app better than any other one I ever used


I love this appAnd makes buying movie tickets very convenient and easy you can add your friends and use promo codes from wherever you find it and it’s just very easy to use and access every movie theater available to you and you can also add your awards card information so I advise you to try this app and enjoy it like I am.

Worst experience

So I have tried this app twice and it always disappoints me!!! I specifically booked a certain day because I knew I would be off work the app chose another day for me to see my movie!!! When I realized what happened the app was asking me for the review of a movie I didn’t get to see. Call customer service to explain only thing he says is I understand so I asked for a supervisor and he never returned back to the call!! Customer service is horrible and this app has more fees than fandango. I learned about this app thru T-Mobile Tuesday’s and was trying something different!!!

Is Cool

Thank you!! We will enjoy the movie at steal price!!

Awesome app

So convenient!!

Customer service is an A+

I ran into an issue and the Customer service manager Brandon was amazing in helping me out. They even called me back to make sure everything went well! And oh the app is great too if your into getting your tickets and seating right away kinda of stuff!

Thank You!

I have never been more caught up with movies thanks to Atom. The app is so easy to use that it’s the only way I buy movie tickets now. I even have a watchlist so I can actually remember what I want to see and when it’s coming out. On top of all that Atom drops the occasional promotion i.e. buy one get one tickets on a certain film. Thank you Atom for having an awesome app/service and getting me out of the house a little more than I normally have! If you are a movie lover or just want to see more movies I would recommend getting Atom and taking advantage of all they have to offer.

I love it!!!

It’s so convenient and very cool!!!!

Great app and super easy to use

Favorite app to purchase tickets on.

Great App

I like this app a lot and I’m surprised I do it’s a super simple way to buy movie tickets

Really like it!

Easy and convenient. Earn free movies!

My experience ;)


Could not be easier!

I love this app! It makes movie going effortless. And I love that they support T-Mobile offers. I’m a fan!


Makes it easy to see showtimes at all the theaters near you and purchase tickets right then and there! But being able to invite my friends from the app is the best part!


No locations in Sacramento? Seriously?

Love those $4 movie tix!

Good app

Atom changing the game in the movie ticket app game

They have done something that absolutely genius and original you can order movie tickets and concessions food at the same time that and the have a partnership with amc on tuesdays the movies or only 5 dollars 6.50 with tax, I would highly recommend this app over any other

Atom Rocks!

Easy to navigate and simple to use.

Date night

I love the movie tickets giveaway gives me and my wife free date night I love it

It is awesome

I love atom app, this have became the new way i buy movie tickets its so fast & convenient all i have to do is go straight to ticket taker & straight to my reserved seat, its so many discounts & so easy to choose from a variety of different theaters who participate with atom with all the showtimes listed for fast access i would rate more stars if I could Thanks Atom ❤️

It’s been a long time coming!

Finally a movie app that has changed the game, and made every aspect of the ticket buying experience seamlessly easy.

In love with Atom!

I was a bit skeptical when I first downloaded the app because I noticed not a lot of my nearby theaters were atom supported. Honestly this app makes everything so much easier, only if your theater is in fact atom supported. Buying your tickets and hand selecting your seats is so much easier on this app than on most movie theater websites. When going to watch movies in a group it makes it easier for everybody to get tickets for the same movie and sit in the same section because you are able to set up group chats if your friends also have atom. You can order your concessions ahead of time and the theater really does have your stuff ready to go when you get there! A text gets sent to your phone with your movie ticket so you have it there, the app, or your email so you always have a copy no matter what. It’s so crazy to see how efficient going to the movies is with this app. Plus you get rewarded for using the app, I already got a free movie ticket and so many discounts just because I ordered through this app and I’ve only had it for about 2 months. I will forever use atom, but I will honestly say you can only reap the full benefits if your theater supports it. The app gives you a list of your local supported and non supported theaters. Enjoy the movies!


So much easier to order movie tickets this way, than to stand in line. I’m hoping one of these days to go to a theater where you can order Food in advance. Great APP

Hands down best app ever!

This is the best app ever for buying movie tickets!! App looks amazing and purchasing tickets is such a breeze!!

Great app

Great app! Easy way to purchase tickets


I love this app. Very easy, and convenient to use.

Customer service lacking

Hate it

Doesn’t show our AMC theater!

Argh! This app is useless for me because it doesn’t even show our Mann 15 theater! Plymouth, MN

All Hail Atom, King of Movie Apps

I used to be an avid user of the MoviePass, I even left Atom to use it because the deal was out of this world. Well, as the saying goes: too true to be good - it was. I dropped the MoviePass and came back to Atom and am glad it works even better than I remember. I even got a few friends to sign up with Atom and now we can go see movies together hassle free.

Better than fandango

It cost less and you get a free movie ticket after so many buys hats pretty dope lol just get this movie app it’s the best

This is scam

They take money for movie and you can’t do refund, it’s better to buy tickets from the actual theater!

Best movie app available at the moment

Hands down this is the best app you can get. It has a great interface, the invite friends feature is nice and a free ticket from time to time doesn’t hurt either. Love this app.

Shady customer service

They had a promotion for buy four movies get one free, which I fulfilled every requirement but never got my free ticket. I called, emailed and did everything to prove my eligibility but they kept coming back with shady excuses and I provided proof to debunk them. It’s not the money but the principle. They wasted my time following up. I deleted the app and gave up.

1,2, & 3

Very easy to use, plus they have promo at times which makes watching movies cheaper....


The worst movie app, better use the actual cinema app, you will never receive refunds if you bought and didn’t see the movie, there is no customer service. Will never use again

Great app!

Super easy to use and getting to buy concessions and have them prepared for you when you get to the theater and tap a button is great. Even gives you the ability to change your seat through the app if a friend decides to join you but there’s no room next to you.

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