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Invite link broken

When you refer 3 friends for a free ticket the link they get doesn't even work what a POS, fix that asap and maybe I'll give it a better rating until then, 1 star .

Decent app

If you want to just scan in and go to the counter with the goods ready for pick up this is your app! (Note -turn on location services your gps thingy it acts as a beacon alerting the concession stand worker you have entered and for them to prep everything for you pretty snazzy ) draw backs atom developers and the corporate side fail to insert conditions for service as in all theaters that participate MUST include allowing the customer the choice to buy the food in advance of entering Regal is the problem some refuse to participate only tickets only and if all things they exclude from the food menu if they do allow it are hotdogs they absolutely refuse to sell the hotdogs via the atom app. This is a regal branding situation sort of there is NO uniform conformity each theater operates independently not good Cinemark refuses to partner with atom and they should! Atom’s app charges less than the Regal app !

Such a convenient error

I never save my payment information in any app or service for security reasons. This app "conveniently" has an error every time I try to remove my payment information (that I never agreed to save in the first place). Slimy and scummy.

Stop Asking Contacts Connection

For the love of god, stop asking to connect my contacts, please.

Works for me

I have used this app only to buy tickets for the Met Opera Live in HD performances. Simple, intuitive UI, although I was taken aback that nowhere was I asked if I wished to use this or that method of payment on this most recent purchase. Never mind; I am certainly not in the target demographic of this app!

I love it

Best app ever, with the greatest deals!!!


I’m not getting the notifications

Customer service

If you pay more, you get better service. That’s why known app like Fandango is better. I had terrible experience with Atom! It’s the worst app.. And the customer service is zero

Very good and easy to use

The app is very easy no more lines


Easy to navigate!


Sits on loading screen forever and doesn’t open....

Make it interesting.

I just wish there were more perks.

Atom Tickets

I’m extremely very happy with Atom Tickets deal/bargains also I can’t wait to see more opportunities/promotions from Atom Tickets and I’ll be seeing tomorrow night at 7:00pm the Movie “The Strangers: Prey At Night” since it was a BOGO very awesome excellent great super fantastic very cool Atom Tickets plus THANK You very much for having Me joined and a part of Your Fanbase!


Love this app!! I love seeing movies and this app makes going to the movies even better. It’s so convenient to have my tickets already in hand so I can skip the line when I get there. You can also choose your seats at select theaters which takes the stress out of going to a movie!

Best Movie Ticketing App

I plan lots of movie afternoons or nights with friends - mostly to see the latest kid movies. This app makes it so easy to share movie times with my friends and have them buy their own tickets next to us. Fun app design, easy cancellation, awesome customer support. No issues. Get this app!


Great app very convenient, reliable awesome. Always have great promotions! Love it

Love the app... one suggestion

I’d like to be able to change time/date of showing without canceling entire order.

Not working since the update

Not working since the update. Locks at opening screen.

Ticket change

Had to change the ticket for a different showtime. So easy like 1,2,3 done. Would have given 10stars if choice available.


App is not opening or working

Recently Updated Dead

Just updated Atom. Opening app just stops at splash screen. That’s it. Will try to delete app reinstall to see if that works.


Latest update broke the app. It just sits on the splash screen forever.

I loved the old version... Go back... At learn the prices and the wheel

The old version was perfect with the wheel. Now I don’t like the factor that if I wanted to plan for tomorrow I’ve got change the date, which just takes extra time instead of just a slight turn of the wheel. It was flawless before now there’s just unwanted extra steps to take. And why would you change showing the price for the show off? Now I don’t know what the show costs until I’m about to pay!! If anything at all please just bring back the wheel.

Great app

Love this app. I don’t care about the food aspect about it because I’d rather not order ahead on food. It a great way to buy tickets and reserve seats. Especially with the T-Mobile Tuesday app. And if you rage your stubs card to it, fees are waved!


The new update is horrific. I’m trying to buy tickets to any movie that’s featured but the only options are Death Wish and A Wrinkle In Time. I can’t buy the $4 tickets for Red Sparrow. Absolute trash.

Almost 5 Stars

I really enjoy this app, however I only gave it 4 stars because I can’t redeem my free movie tickets through Crown Club Card when my points accumulate to a free movie or for the concessions.

Great App

I love the prices and ease of use!


User friendly, takes time out of line waiting

Great app.

Easy to use and cheaper than Fandango, it’s my new go to way to get tickets, also uses Apple Pay. Love the new design.

New update made a great app even better

Really loving the new update. So much easier to browse by looking through multiple movies at a time. There’s no reason to ever use Fandango ever again, they haven’t innovated in years.

New interface is TERRIBLE

What happened to the old interface with the wheel??? It was so amazing and good! It was one of the first things that impressed me about the Atom app. And I used it regularly because of that!! This is so disappointing!!! I hate the new interface where you can’t look at all the movies in a glance. And when you click on the movie, you can’t quickly swipe through to see all the cinemas it’s playing in ... instead you have to scroll through with huge fonts that take up the whole screen. Why ‘fix’ something that’s not broken!!!

Notifications Misused

I always turn off notifications but Atom said they will only send me notifications to alert me about my friend’s response to a movie outing arranged on Atom. Today I got a marketing notification. Turning notification now Off.

Trouble connecting to the theater

It used to work better but since last few updates it stopped working, it has trouble connecting to the theater during checkout. I cannot purchase the tickets. Please fix it.


Only gives me one movie theater and it’s 20-30 mins away. I got there and showed them my confirmation only for them to not find it in their system at all.

Lovin it

Since I’ve downloaded this app through T-mobile I’ve been using it it’s very easy to use and also when having issues getting money back for purchasing wrong tickets customer service was so nice . Atom is the Awesome !!!!

The Best

Easy, convenient and has never let me down. This App just works!!!

Poor promotion

I was sent an email by this company saying that I would get five dollars off a ticket if I use their app. Unfortunately this was not the case as I found out when I uploaded the app and tried to use it. Five dollars is not a huge deal but I expect better from a company that is competing against others for my business. I will be deleting the app after this review, And will be unsubscribing from their emails as well.

No concession pre-ordering

Atom and my local regal cinema both claim to offer concession pre-ordering. Guess what? Even though they advertise it in the theater and on the atom app, it's not available. That makes the app useless and the service a lie. Deleted!

I Love It!

This app is very user friendly, I enjoy ordering from Atom

Buggy app

While paying got an error ...the error is in infinite loop. There is a Got it button. Click there you will get the same error again and again. Not allowing me to select other payment method.

Great app

Easy to use and well designed

4 clicks and I was done

Literally got my movie ticket in 30 seconds for quick’s and I was done it’s the easiest app ever to use


Great for inviting friends!! Easy to use and earn credits

Great app!!

Love using this app. It’s very convenient! 👍🏻


Everytime I use this app, never a problem, fast easy to use and efficient... I love this app...!!! What you doing reading...?!?! DOWNLOAD IT...!!!

Chase pay

I can't find chase pay. It's not an option to check out.

Extreamly easy and helpful

I find it very helpful and user friendly. I called customer service and they were very helpful. I appreciate that.

Yukio Benjamin

I love this app it’s very convenient!

Great service and easy to use!!

I love using Atom!!! Very easy to use and they have amazing customer service!!

Great App

Best for movie

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