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Love this app!

I use this app with my T-Mobile Tuesday offers. So convenient, extremely user-friendly, and the value is unbeatable. Highly recommend.

Atom app

Easy to use.


Easy and nice discount too!

Super easy to use!

I’ve used it twice now and love it! The ease of ordering your ticket is great and ordering the concessions is perfect. You order and then you just pick up. Done all in one app!

Movie Goer

Only one of the seven theaters I've gone to in my area uses the service and none of the theaters I regularly frequent are listed as users of the app.

Found you at JFK!

Thank you for the great set up offered at JFK, I enjoyed watching part of Home Alone 2 while waiting for my flight! Now, I have ordered my first set of movie tickets through the app, it's so easy to use!

Easy way to buy tickets

Easy way to pick your movie tickets!!!

iSheep much??

It S¥€KS that Atom is obviously biased in favor of Apple and has said NOTHING about being 'Samsung Pay' or the universally superior 'Android Pay' compatible. 😡

Easy and fast!!

So easy to use and fast with Apple Pay!!!

Good very good

I am in love with this app.

Good app

Great app!

So easy and convenient!!

Love this app. Totally made it easy (and fun) to browse movies, select times, seats and purchase tickets. Great app!!!

GREAT movie app! One suggestion...

This a great app... Easy to use, great promos (e.g. Chase Pay BOGO). One suggestion... Please integrate this with the calendar app. (That will be the 5th star that is missing from this review).

Great Deals

Love this App. Easy to use and has great deals with gift cards and movies.


This is an awesome app. Currently had an issue with a movie, messaged them, and was helped immediately! Great deals honestly!


Anything that helps me skip a line is a benefit!

Love this app

This app is great

Awesome to have for moviegoers!!

Awesome. Some theaters have express lines some don’t. It’s the theatre decision to have the lines or not. My theatre do it was hassle free. No wait time. I was able to share the pass with friends I bought the tickets for. They were able to use the pass without any problems. I love this app.


This App is truly amazing! I love it

Booooooo 👎🏻

This app is a joke. I have tried twice to use it due to being given a promo code for a discount ticket (they smartly offered it to woo faithful fandango users). Both attempts were colossal failures and wastes of time. Payment fails to process or a theater shows as sold out (when it isn’t and I can buy tickets on fandango for the same seating). I deleted the app once, then downloaded and gave it a second chance. I really tried. But fandango gets my money for both being much easier to use AND actually working.

Nice app and GUI is cool

Easy to book tickets and GUI is cool.

Atom is Amazing

Easy to use and great promotions

Movie novice

Small learning curve but it is nice


Love the ease of use on this app as well as the different promotions

Easy to order

Responsive and easy to use

Easy to get my tickets

No hassle! Remembers my cards and loyalty number! Great job! Thanks!

Fantastic App

It’s a fantastic app that’s very easy to navigate without any hassles.

Love reading the bad reviews...

Good lord, I feel like I know who is a suburban soccer mom in the reviews that have been submitted.

The Best Movie App PERIOD!

I can’t thank ATOM enough for their easy-to-use platform to guide me to have a great movie experience!


I bought ticket for 3:45. I arrived 10 min late so I can skip the trailer part. Turns out the schedule has changed and my movie does not start until 4:25. I mean the trailer does not start until 4:25. So who knows when the movie can start. I didn’t get any alert, notification or email about the change of time. Very irresponsible app! Since I’m sitting in the empty theater nothing to do, I figure maybe I should trying to write some review.

Great ticket buying experience, but needs food option upgrades

I like the ability to get snacks ordered ahead of time, but my theater has meals that take much longer to prepare and these food options can’t be preordered. That is a big downside to the app.


I like buying tix ahead of time. Only problem is that the scanner at the theater doesn't always work. So they have to key in numbers. Takes long when you have several tix.

Luv it!

Luv the convenience & simplicity of this app. Well designed!

Not enough theaters

4 out of 5 theaters near me do not accept Adam.

Easy, Fast, & Reliable

The app is super easy to use. I like that if you want you can use Apple Pay. I like that once you’re done the app text you the movie ticket(s). If you delete the text by accident, you can always go back to the app and pull up the ticket(s). I like that if you can’t make the showtime, they will refund your money hours ... heck... minutes before the movie start with NO problems! Thanks Atom!

Can not be used without providing mobile phone numbers

You can not use this app even you have an account at their website. They seemed determined to collect your personal info such as phone numbers. They claim they only need it to send the ticket. But I just don’t get it, why can’t it be done via the email I used as my account when I registered?

Awesome app!! Best movie app

Apps awesome .. search and order made simple .. check out movies you didn’t know were at the movies and enjoy deals.. easy way to ask friends to the movies too

Atom is awesome!

Great app to buy tickets. Couldn’t be easier!

Good but needs some tweaking

Not always easy to find the theater you want. Only gives select theaters near you, not all of them, you have to search for others.

Fast and easy! Nice pre order and seat setup!


Download Now!

Awesome app with great customer service!

So easy

One of the best apps ever. Makes finding new movies easy and also paying for them. And also has all the trailers for the new movie

Great app

Easy convenient, few clicks and you are good to go

My Atom experience

I love Atom!!!! Its so easy to order movies,concession items into pre-order my seats!!

I heard of demand based pricing

Do it and I’m out.

Efficient, works well, consistent deals

Use it more than fandango. Great for T-Mobile customers as there are deals with that, but also many deals within just the app.


Great app with amazing customer service

Great App so far!!


Convenience in an app!

Convenience in an app.. keeps it simple 2 find & purchase tickets.

Awesome app

This app makes going to movies a breeeezeeee I have had no issues I really enjoy it

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